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Top 10 Baby Travel Essentials

Recently, a few friends have asked me for tips on travelling with their babies and while I have plenty of tips to be covered in upcoming posts, the essentials are by far the most important and should be in your nappy bag when travelling.

These 10 things easily fit in one of the pockets of a nappy bag and I call it the ’emergency pocket’ of my nappy bag. I have found some of these products in my emergency pocket a God send in the middle of the night whilst travelling through several foreign speaking countries, so don’t forget to pack them on your upcoming travels with your baby! In fact, it’s probably best to carry these with you all the time.

Top 10 Baby Travel Essentials

  1. Baby Sunglasses – Obviously to protect baby’s eyes when it’s bright but it also helps baby nap during a bright day
  2. Hat – Depending on the time of year pack a floppy sun hat for sunny days or a warm hat for cooler weather
  3. Teething gel – You never know when baby’s teeth will come through
  4. Thermometer – As advised by my paediatrician and I’m SO, SO glad to have had this in my ’emergency pocket’ whilst travelling along with the next item…
  5. Baby paracetamol – My baby gets a high temperature when teething and the paracetamol helps settle baby and baby’s temperature
  6. Travel size bottle of dish washing soap – I bought a travel size bottle and filled it up with the all natural dishwashing liquid I use at home to wash baby’s bottles and toys while travelling
  7. Clean sponge – I take a brand new sponge with me on my travels, and keep it in an air tight plastic bag. Prior to use, I use the hotel kettle to boil water and pour boiling water over it to make sure it is free from any nasties
  8. Phone charger – Obvious for travelling but keep one in your “emergency pocket” just in case you run out of power when you’re out and about
  9. Pram pegs – To hang toys for baby’s entertainment or a muslin cloth off the stroller’s canopy for extra shade
  10. Antiseptic gel or spray – carry a small bottle with you in case you aren’t able to wash your hands with soap or need to wipe down a baby high chair or table

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