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“Tis Elias” – Nappy Rash Ointment

When I was pregnant, I tried to find a natural nappy rash ointment or cream for my upcoming arrival but I was unsuccessful. So, I was forced to buy a commercial product that was not 100% natural that was sold at the local pharmacy.

However, whilst travelling through Greece, I was told by several pharmacists, family and friends that “Vasalmolado” (St John’s wort infused in olive oil) is a great natural nappy rash ointment that I must try. So, of course, prior to using “Vasalmolado” on my baby, I did some research on it and I discovered that St John’s wort has been used in herbal medicine for generations and that hyperforin (the active ingredient extracted from St John’s wort) can be used to treat burns, wounds, grazes, eczema and muscle pain when applied to the skin and can be used for the whole family, and not just baby’s nappy rash!

More information on hyperforin can be found at and in the research section of St John’s wort wikipedia page, click here(Please note that while there is some research that suggests some benefit of taking St John’s wort orally, which I would not advise)

In my previous blog post, I mentioned the nappy rash ointment I use from the “Tis Elias’ range, which I discovered during my recent travels in Greece. It is 100% natural and it works! It not only heals nappy rash, but also helps prevent it as the olive oil acts as a barrier on baby’s bottom. It is not greasy and only a few drops are needed to cover affected areas. Best of all, it is made of 100% natural and gentle ingredients.

One of the aforementioned who told me about “Vasalmolado” for my baby’s nappy rash was Diana, from the beautiful village of Levidi in the south Greece. With her husband, Labis, they have founded the ‘Tis Elias’ (from the olive tree) brand which use organic Greek virgin olive oil to produce natural skin care products using traditional methods and recipes.

Ingredients and method of production

‘Tis Elias’ St John’s wort oil is made by using the flower of St John’s wort and allowing it to infuse over time with the organic Greek virgin olive oil.


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