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2017 – My “wow” year

2017 was a “wow” year for me. At the beginning of the year, I was 8 months pregnant, working full-time and had a beautiful home in central London. By the end of 2017, I had a 10 month old baby, I was no longer working (professionally, that is – I’m sure you all know or heard that taking care of a baby is a full time job), we had travelled through 11 countries in 7 months and now, looking for a home.

During my pregnancy and travels, I learned a lot about babies and products for babies – I don’t proclaim to be an expert but I did discover some useful strategies and products for me and my baby.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been an advocate of natural is always best. If there is a natural substitute for any skincare, hair or washing product THAT WORKS, I will switch to it, even if it comes at a small premium. I have a dear friend who is a health coach and is very much into natural products, she always advises that the small premium you pay on good natural products will minimise pollution on the environment and save you on medical bills in the future. When I was pregnant and responsible for a life in the truest sense, I was more inclined to follow this philosophy to give the best chance I could to my baby. So, I did a lot of reading and research and found many great natural products (that work!) for me and for my baby.

During my travels with my baby in the last seven months – and I mean planes, trains and automobiles type travelling – I encountered many obstacles, discovered some great products for travelling with a baby and some wonderful natural skincare products for me and my baby.

I hadn’t realised how much I had learned until I got back to London and talking to other mums about “the wonderful natural nappy rash ointment” I discovered in Greece and until a couple of days ago when I was asked by another mum, “tell me everything I need to know about travelling with a 9 month old in Japan”, that I had a fair few tips – that worked for me.

So, I decided to type it all up and share it because people want to know and I will probably forget something if I don’t start keeping a record of it all.

As mentioned above I am by no means an expert, so I am always happy to hear other mum’s views and advice. Please feel free to leave a comment or message me directly if you have something to share or have any questions.

I hope you find this blog useful.




P.S Please note that while I have done the research and asked professionals for their opinions, these travel tips and products work for me and my family. I am not a doctor nor a paediatrician, so if you are unsure about using anything recommended here, please get professional advice before trying it.


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